Vote Yes in the cannabis referendum: for fairness, equality, justice and health

Posted by Chris Fowlie on

We urge you to vote Yes in the cannabis referendum.

The Hempstore has always supported cannabis law reform. Progress on making hemp and medicinal cannabis more available is stalled while cannabis remains illegal.

We've seen firsthand how the criminal law is used to harass and intimidate people, especially Maori and anyone who 'looks the part'. We've been the target of unwanted and unnecessary attention from authorities.

Whatever your reason for voting Yes, make sure you do it!

Voting is open now, until 7pm Saturday 17th October. Voting is super easy. You don't even need ID. Just say your name and enrol when you vote. Find your nearest voting place here

The Hempstore is the headquarters of NORML New Zealand Inc and we're committed to making a difference. Our crew have put in a lot of effort to keep NORML's campaign going. You can get involved here, or please make a donation

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