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Create joints, tulips, magnums, blunts, and more with these 20 rolling projects.

Attention all stoners, smokers, tokers, and weed lovers. Bored of the same old rolls that you do again and again to smoke your weed? Feel like you are doing your cannabis a disservice by packing it up with some old dry tobacco in a crumpled up rolling paper you found behind the sofa? Well why not try some new ways to skin up with Roll Up, Roll Up, a unique guide designed to show you innovative and fun ways to get stoned. There are 20 different rolling projects to try—from simple one-skin spliffs for beginners through to elaborate behemoths like The Scorpion that are guaranteed to get everyone in the vicinity nicely lean. Every roll comes with step-by-step instructions explaining the processes needed to achieve perfect rolls that smoke like a dream. Plus, there are also interesting bits of information about the history and culture of cannabis that any pothead will love to read when stoned. So why not treat your weed with a bit of love and respect and lavish it with the care and attention it deserves by smoking it up in one of these show-stopping rolls.

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